Thursday, 22 April 2010

Everquest 2: The Vigilant Dungeons

The Sentinel was an airship originally built by the Erudin Erudites and used to haul large amounts of cargo overland. When the Void intruded into Odus, it was abandoned. The Paineel Erudites claimed the airship and re-worked it for their own purposes. It then became known as The Vigilant, as it watched over and protected the city. All three of The Vigilant instances are geared for adventurers level 90+. There are three group instances: The Vigilant: Incursion; The Vigilant: Infiltration; and The Vigilant: Rescue.

The Vigilant: Infiltration
Last monday evening, we've setup a group to this zone. Me, an Wizard, Swashy(awesome Swashy), Brigand, Illusionist and Warden. This zone is even more hard than Vistigial Cella, mostly because my tank is still undergeared for the zone, and in some passages there was some nasty trash packs. There are, i believe 5 names.

First off, Znag the Obrut:
It's an level 93 (3 arrow heroic) beholder. It's an tank and spank fight, easy enough. Just make sure you use a switch that will block a ton of adds from coming assist the named.

Second named, which name i don't recall, is located at a room full of beast adds. Clean it, make sure you don't pull the named, before cleaning, or you pull the full room. Tank spank fight.

Next we have Arch-Amahn Wretchedcorpse. On this fight i didn't do much at all except tanking it, but i noticed the named would port to some areas, and also some adds (zombies) would spawn. The illusionist apparently mezzed them, while we nuked the named.

Forth named is Kage-Zonn Radas, with two adds, Tallonite Battle-Mauler and Tallonite Battle-Mage. The damage from this guy is insane. My health was a constant fight for the healer, considering every 3 seconds, i was around 5-10% health. Before killing the named, you will need to kill the adds. The thing is, Tallonite Battle-Mauler can only be killed by melee, and Tallonite Battle-Mage (by mages). I'm not sure it's this way, or the other way around but just check it. While the adds are up the named will be stone skin. Just burn them and next the named. Was the hardest fight in the zone.

Finally, Vigith Rodnan... Well can't say much, seemed easy. Took some nice damage but that's about it. Tank spank, and got loot.

The zone wasn't hard by the named fight themselves, but mostly because there were some trash encounters, that were badly positioned to be engaged. Overall a nice zone.
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