Saturday, 3 December 2011

20 first levels of Lineage 2

Yeah i had to try it. :)

I always get curious to see how far a once p2p game, can go now as a f2p game. So i decided to create a new account and give Lineage 2 a try. What did i found out?

Well first things first, the game is starting to show his age. But what could you expect released in 2003 in Korea (got that info somewhere)? Still it's not the worst graphics.
First things first, character costumization is really poor, like most asian mmo games. Generic faces and models, nothing detailed at all. Secondly the play can choose between the six races available. Thirdly players only get to choose between two classes at the start, fighter and mystic. The thing is, the progression of the player depends on race and class pickup. Let's say you pick a dark elf mystic. As you progress through the game, you will get to key levels, and do the class transfer which is basically picking a sub-class for the giving class/race you picked. For instance a mystic dark elf at level 20 can pick between a dark wizard and a shillien oracle. Or a human can pick between cleric and human wizard. There is in-game when you create a character a detailed progression as the one below.

So character created and i logged in. First things first, since the game is f2p, it is blooming with players. There was times, i would get a huge frame drop. Some places were packed. First nuissance, why the characters have to run bend over? It's so silly! I never understood that. Ok so the first 20 levels of game, is basically the tutorial. The player is almost hand driven through the questline, just follow the arrow to the npcs. From 1 to nearly 10 you basically level by just going from one npc to another. Eventually you get thrown out to the adventuring field at the training island. And this was my second nuissance. Since the game is crawling with players, when i got  to the  adventuring area, frames dropped considerably. Also, mobs were spawning kinda silly, all packed together. It felt really dumb. I dunno if it was intended do to the amount of players online. I hope it was or it would be really silly. Anyways, quests were fairly simple, and any player can done it with ease. When player gets near the end of the training island, he will be taken to a, i guess, single player dungeon, for the final quest. Didn't strike me as impressive.

From 1 to 20, one can consider it to be as an tutorial for new players. Just to get the ropes of the game. As a f2p at least till level 20, i didn't saw any limitation to the game. Kudos for that. I will check further more. 

Oh and by the way takes a average player around 2 hours from 1 to 20. So if any of you want to try it, i don't think loosing 2 hours of your time is that bad, and one can make a quick decision.
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