Saturday, 17 December 2011

My SWTOR adventure started today!

It marks today the beginning of my adventures as a Bounty Hunter on Star Wars The Old Republic.

After a freaking long queue of over 2 hours, and a failed log in, making me queue again for another, eventually i managed to start the game. So i created my BH and went on adventuring on Hutta.

Graphically game is good looking, not as great as other titles, like lets say, Final Fantasy XIV or Age of Conan, but it doesn't feel short comparing. I'm even feeling the game more smoother then before, which is good. My opinion about the game is the same as before, in beta, although the trooper storyline is better then the bounty hunter so far.

Since the game is so packed with players, grouping is also easy to happen which is also a good thing, due to the fact of the many group quests available in game. I managed to get a group going for those heroic quests (group quests), and it even prove to be worthy since one of the members new the location of the datacrons. One is inside the sewers where you do a group quest, another one is behind the factory at Rusty Yards over some pipe, and the last one is south of Evocii camp (also have to climb a pipe and go a round a mount to the right, after climbing the pipe). Enough hint without much spoiling ;)

So let me get back to the game, I'll post more later.

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