Tuesday, 20 December 2011

SW:TOR Hammer Station

This is the second flashpoint (instance) i did. This second flashpoint resembles more to a regular instance on any mmo then like the previous flashpoint (Black Talon). Less npc interaction, or even any, and a lot more killing. And harder.

Flashpoint is made up of 3 bosses. Going from easy to hard. A quick review on each boss:

1st) DN-314 Tunneler: Is a basic tank and spank fight with adds in the middle. Have the dps kill them because they are fairly simple;

2nd) Riflor's Champions: Boss with 2 adds. In any case you should take first the adds, then the named. Right side add is an healer, so i guess that should be prioritize.

3rd)  Battlelord Kroskhen: The hardest fight i did so far. This boss is ranged based, and has a few attacks, a mine in the area that should be avoid, a knockback (be careful not to be throw out the edge) and adds reinforcements. Be sure to take the adds as quickly as possible or they will swarm the healer making this fight really hard. Also avoid those mines!

Btw, someone with slicing can make your travel on this flashpoint shorter! ;)

Can say it's a hard flashpoint for it's level but not impossible. A bit coordination on some fight, will make you go the good route. 

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