Thursday, 15 December 2011

Aion is going f2p!

I always told after Lineage 2 went f2p, wouldn't take long for Aion to take the same steps. But didn't expect it to be this fast!

Ncsoft announced that Aion will be hitting f2p market in February 2012, but details about how is it going to be, are still a bit unknown. Also read somewhere that it was going to be f2p only in Europe.

More info here, on the official Aion f2p site.

I was one of the players that tried Aion back when he was on closed beta, but due to the fact i was so bored with World of Warcraft, i end up cancelling my pre-order for this game. But i guess with the f2p change, i don't see why i shouldn't give it a try. I'm always curious to see what this game has to offer, besides the dreadful pvp, the many dislike, and many others love.
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