Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Everquest 2 GU 62: Freeport Reborn

Today will be released on live server the latest game update, 62: Freeport Reborn. Also it marks the release of the latest expansion (they called it feature expansion), Age of Discovery.

What can we expect of this? From GU, the city of Freeport will suffer a massively face lift. From what i've seen city seems pretty impressive. Instead of having four zones (North, South, West and East), they are all now consigned to one big zone. Quests been revamped and added content for most levels. Also, there will be a new public quest in Commonlands, for levels 20 to 30.

Age of Discovery, is a called feature expansion, as it doesn't give any actual new area or dungeons to players. What it brings are a set of features, that are in some cases original, like the following:

- Beastlord class (something many fans already asked SOE for);
- User created dungeons;
- Mercenaries (npc's to aid you out);
- Reforging (changing stats on gear);
- Tradeskill apprentices (still not sure what is about);
- 20 new AAs (this is to appeal to raiders, i guess);

And i hope more features...

The following video covers many aspects of the expansion:

Let's see what can we expect from this!
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