Monday, 19 December 2011

After the first SWTOR weekend

My first weekend in SWTOR is done. Manage to reach level 17, but could be higher, but the dreadful queue times for my server, cut me like 6 or 7 hours gameplay easily. Friday evening took me around 3 hours to log in...

So what did i do? Well quests of course, that's usually the main thing. Also did the first available flashpoint (instance or group dungeon, for those lesse familiar), Black Talon, PVP (i love the Huttball - sort of football but with guns), crafting (attention about crafting, it works a bit different then other games), and the likes.

About crafting. For those who like crafting, like me, there are slightly some differences on SWTOR. As i said on a previous post, crafting isn't exactly done by the player but his/her companions. So you have picked your 3 professions, two gathering, one crafting, or all gathering (can't have more then one crafting), and you go to the crafting window, pick the skill, select a mission and send your companion. After a couple of minutes he is back with what you asked him to do. Basically you can level crafting while not even actually doing. There are however around the world nodes to gather material if you feel like it.

About the Huttball. You have 2 teams (of course), and the objective of the game consist on taking the ball to the enemy goal area. The carrier gets slowed down, and usually is the focus of the enemy team, so protecting him/her is important. The carrier can make a ball pass to a player at a given area, so don't go do wrong passes. The camp is full of traps to be aware of too.

Oh by the way, when you finish your class quest at the second planet, you get as reward your spaceship. :)

Another note, each planet will have hidden datacrons, that boost your stats, as i said before. I found one in Dromund Kaas. I can say it's near where you do the group quest "Friends of Old". ;)
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